Announcing: "Get Your First Sale" Mini-Course
Setup your store and make your first sale in record time.
Want to be the next one of these screenshots?
This mini course tells you all the steps necessary to get your store up, your ads started and your first sale in the bank, including:

-How to choose a niche
-How to name your store
-How to find a driving product
-Exact Shopify apps we use
-Each step necessary, in order
-Only what is required for your first sale, no fluff
-A Facebook training showing you the right way to set up an ad
-Guidelines for when to scale a winning ad
-How we hire virtual assistants

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Sales are not guaranteed

Like any business, this requires work. This is not a "give it a try for free" situation, if you want to make your first sale, you absolutely can, but you need to do the work - there are no refunds for this mini course.

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